Service Culture

Much admired and not easily duplicated, green ROCKS inn’s culture of unsurpassed quality and service is firmly grounded in our values.  Our values are demonstrated every day and in every decision we make through our four pillars:

  •  Who We Are
  • What We Believe
  • How We Behave
  • How We Succeed.


Who We Are

We have chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality.  Our objective is to be recognized as an inn that manages the finest Bed and Breakfast and offers its guests unsurpassed hospitality, comfort, and service.


What We Believe

We believe that each of us needs and deserves a sense of dignity and comfort.  Delighting and satisfying our guests depends on our commitment to this belief.


How We Behave

We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the examples we set.  In all our interactions with guests, customers, business associates, and vendors … we seek to deal with them as we would have them deal with us.


How We Succeed

We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do.  When we couple this conviction with sound financial planning, we expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of green ROCKS inn and to offer long-term benefits to our owners, our customers, our community, and our vendors.


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